The illusive Latino vote assumes that Latinos are monolithic. Unidos makes us stronger but to be united we need to first understand where we come from to understand how we identify. Only then can we find common ground to rally around to succeed as Latinos.

In this publication I intend to explore topics of culture, identity, economy, language, politics, society, and technology from a Latino perspective.

Who am I?

I am a Mexican citizen living in the United States creating technology platforms frequently writing about border issues.

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The number one question will likely be how often I will send the Latinos newsletter. Although I plan to write weekly, the reality is that I am currently developing three publications and writing a book about public corruption in between running my company. The short answer is I am not sure, but I am committed to writing as often as I can as this is an important topic. I believe that there exists a Latino voice void and I wish to help to fill it.

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I am a Mexican immigrant living and working in the U.S. always searching for my place in this country called America.