I Am An Assimilated American

But I am Not An American

I am an assimilated American, but I am not an American, well not in the generally understood use of the word American. I was born and raised in México.

You see, I was born in the Americas, thus I am an American, an assimilated American.

Although I am not an American citizen, because my allegiance still belongs to México, nonetheless, I am an assimilated American.

I speak Spanish, but as my words herein betray me, I also speak English.

But even if I only spoke Spanish, I would still be an assimilated American.

Why? Because America is home to the second largest Spanish speaking population in the world.

Tacos in America are as common across America as hamburgers.

I love tacos in all their majestic flavors, thus I am an assimilated American. In fact, American tacos are different from their Mexican cousins, yet they remain tacos. They are assimilated tacos, if you will.

Like the tacos, I am an assimilated American.

Piñatas may be Mexican, but are ubiquitous across America.

Why? Because piñatas are part of the American cultural identity, and thus are as American as hotdogs.

My skin may be a little darker than yours. That just makes me as American as any other American.

My darker skin and my Mexican culture makes up almost 18% of the American population, thus I am an assimilated American.

Like most Americans, I watch the Super Bowl, along with a bowl of chips and guacamole chased with a cerveza or two.

I am an assimilated American.

America is a kaleidoscope of diversity. I form part of that kaleidoscope.

Thus, I am an assimilated American.